& Elizabeth (nee PRESTON)
(Dave's F3 & F2M)
1882 William & Elizabeth's marriage cert
25th July 1882: William & Elizabeth's marriage cert, Metheringham, LIN
1891 census
1891 census: William & Elizabeth, Grays, ESS
1898ish WASHBROOKE family
1898ish: WASHBROOKE family
Back row L-R: Edith Alice, George Sydney James, Annie Elizabeth, William Henry.
Front row L-R: Florence Mary, William & Elizabeth, Ada Margaret.
1901 census
1901 census: William & Elizabeth, Grays ESS
1910ish WASHBROOKE William
1910ish William
1911 census
1911 census: William & Elizabeth, Tilbury Docks, ESS
1920ish WASHBROOKE William & Elizabeth
1920ish William & Elizabeth
1920ish WASHBROOKE William works outing
1920ish William - works outing
3rd row from front, far right (bowler and moustache): William.

Points of interest:
1. What's tickled the lady in the mddle of the second row from front?
2. What is the bloke standing behind her looking at? Whatever it is, the bloke far right in the second row from back and the one next to William are also interested in it.
3. Who is the bloke far left in the second row from back in a dog-collar, with a bugle?
1927 William's death cert
14th Jul 1927: William's death cert, Orsett, ESS
1930ish WASHBROOKE Elizabeth and family
1930ish WASHBROOKE family group
Front: Elizabeth.
Back row L-R:
Ada Margaret (Elizabeth's daughter), William Henry, Emily (Harry's wife), Ada &  George (Elizabeth's grandchildren)
1932 Elizabeth's death cert
2nd Oct 1932: Elizabeth's death cert, Orsett, ESS
William Henry (Daves F2)
1883 Harry's birth cert
17th April 1883: William Henry's birth cert, Metheringham, LIN
1895ish WASHBROOKE William Henry
1895ish William Henry
1901 census
1901 census: William Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, YKS
1903 letter from Harry     1903 letter from Harry     1903 letter from Harry     1903 letter from Harry
13th June 1903: letter from William Henry (in Hull) to his parents
1905ish Harry
1905ish William Henry
1910ish WASHBROOKE William Henry St John Ambulance
1910ish William Henry - St John Ambulance, Tilbury - William Henry is in uniform, back, just right of centre
William Henry
here ...


Son of
& Sarah (nee ARISS)

Daughter of
& Jane (nee HARRISON)

Dave's F3 & F2M
Family from 1882

William Henry 1883-1949
(Dave's F2)
Edith Alice 1885-1915
Annie Elizabeth 1887-1932
George Sydney James 1889-1964
Ada Margaret 1895-1951
Florence Mary Frances 1897-1922

William and Elizabeth were married in 1882 at Metheringham Church, LIN. At that time William was working as a labourer and Elizabeth as a domestic servant in Metheringham, LIN.

William worked as a labourer most of his life, both in Metheringham, LIN and later in Thurrock and Grays, ESS.

William and Elizabeth were living at:-
- Metheringham, LIN 1882
-  29 Maple Road, Grays, ESS 1891;
- 30 Monhead Road, Grays, Thurrock, ESS 1901;
- 54 Calcutta Road, Tilbury Docks, ESS 1911;
- East Aims Square, Chadwell St Mary, ESS 1927.

William died in 1927 an Elizabeth moved to:-
- 12 Shakespeare Ave, Chadwell St Mary ESS.

Elizabeth died in 1932.