William Henry WASHBROOKE
& Emily Charlotte (nee BUNDAY)
(Daves F2 & FM)
1913 Harry & Emily's marriage cert
1st Nov 1913: William & Emily's marriage cert, RO, IOW
1914 Ada's birth cert
10th Apr 1914: Ada's birth cert, West Cowes, IOW
1915 George's birth cert
1st May 1915: George's birth cert, West Cowes, IOW
1915 George's baptism
20th Jul 1915: George's baptism, West Cowes, IOW
1916 WASHBROOKE family
1916: Emily & William with Ada & George
1916ish WASHBROOKE William Henry and friend
1916ish William (right) & friend
1917 Rose's birth cert
16th Jun 1917: Rose's birth cert, West Cowes, IOW
1920ish WASHBROOKE William Henry the Hokey-Pokey Man
1920ish William - the Hokey-Pokey Man
1923ish WASHBROOKE William Henry RAOB
1923ish William - RAOB

William in Buffalo regalia, Tilbury
1923ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte and children and friends
1923ish Emily with children and friends
Back row far right: Emily.
Front row L-R: Ada, George, Rose.
1923ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte and children
1923ish: Emily & children

Emily with children L-R: Ada, George & Rose
William Henry WASHBROOKE in Buffalo regalia, Tilbury ca. 1923.
1923ish: William (front row 3rd left) in Buffalo regalia, Tilbury
1925ish WASHBROOKE Florence Rose and Ada Emily and George Henry
1925ish: L-R:
N/K, Florence Rose, Ada, George, N/K
1925ish WASHBROOKE George Henry Sea Cadets
1925ish: George (left) - Sea Cadets
1925ish WASHBROOKE William Henry St John Ambulance
1925ish William (back 3rd right) - St John Ambulance
1930ish WASHBROOKE Ada Emily & George Henry
1930ish: Ada & George

1930ish: William - Verger
1930ish WASHBROOKE Elizabeth and family
1930ish: WASHBROOKE family group
Back row L-R: Ada Margaret WASHBROOKE (Harry's sister), William, Emily, Ada, George.
Front: Elizabeth WASHBROOKE (nee PRESTON - William's mother).
1930ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte and others
1930ish: Emily & sisters
Ida Florence BUNDAY, Dorothy Agnes PARDEY (nee BUNDAY), Kenneth L D PARDEY, Emily
1930ish WASHBROOKE George Henry and cousin George
1930ish: George & cousin, George E WASHBROOKE
George, N/K, George E WASHBROOKE (George's cousin).
1932ish WASHBROOKE Ada Emily
1932ish: Ada
1933ish WASHBROOKE William Henry and Emily Charlotte and friends
1933ish: William  & Emily with friends
Back 5 L-R: Edward Lawrence PARDY (husband of Dorothy Agnes BUNDAY), N/K, N/K, Emily & William.
Far left 2: Cecil Edward OATLEY, Ada Emily OATLEY (nee WASHBROOKE).
Centre left 3: Rose cuddling N/K child, Kenneth L D PARDEY (son of Edward Lawrence & Dorothy Agnes PARDEY).
Remaining 3 L-R: Dorothy Agnes PARDEY (nee BUNDAY- Emily's sister), Ida Florence HARCOURT (nee BUNDAY - Emily's sister), William Reginald George HARCOURT (husband of Ida Florence nee BUNDAY).
1934ish WASHBROOKE family group
1934ish: William with Emily, Ada & Rose
1934ish WASHBROOKE Florence Rose
1934ish: Rose
Possibly at Ada's wedding(21 May 1934)
1935ish WASHBROOKE Florence Rose and Emily Charlotte
1935ish: Rose & Emily
1935ish WASHBROOKE George Henry
1935ish: George
1940 RICHARDS Maurice John and Florence Rose
1940: Rose marries Maurice John RICHARDS
1940ish WASHBROOKE George Henry and friends
1940ish: George (left) & friends
1940ish WASHBROOKE George Henry Home Guard
1940ish: George - Home Guard
1940ish WASHBROOKE William Henry and Emily Charlotte
1940ish: William & Emily
1940ish WASHBROOKE William Henry and Emily Charlotte and others
1940ish: William & Emily with others
Back: N/K.
Front L-R: Elsie May RICHARDS (nee CHIVERTON, Edward William RICHARDS, Emily, William
George Henry
here ...
1941 RICHARDS Maurice Johnand Florence Rose
Christmas 1941: Rose & John
1941ish Washbrooke's grocery shop
1941ish: William & Emily's grocery shop
1942 RICHARDS Florence Rose and Edward John
1942: Rose & Edward
1943ish Harry Civil Defence
1943ish: William in Civil Defence
1945ish Harry & Emily
1945ish: William & Emily
1950ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte at  hut
1950ish Emily at Rose's hut, Thorness
1950ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte
1950ish Emily at Rose's hut, Thorness
1956 OATLEY Ralph CHESSELL Freda Marriage
1956 Ralph OATLEY & Freda CHESSELL Marriage

Back L-R: George, Cecil Edward OATLEY ("Uncle Peter"), Colin OATLEY (Dave's cousin), Maurice John RICHARDS ("Uncle John"), Ada, Ralph OATLEY (Dave's cousin), Freda Lillian ATLEY (nee CHESSELL), Rose, Christine Pearl OATLEY (Dave's cousin), Emily. I assume the last couple are Freda's parents.

Front L-R: Vi, Virginia, Thomas George RICHARDS (Dave's cousin), Edward John RICHARDS (Dave's cousin), Dave. I assume the other nipper is Freda's brother.
1960ish RICHARDS Florence Rose and Thomas George with WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte
1960ish Emily with Rose & grandson, Tom at Rose's hut, Thorness

Tom on right, with glasses.
1960ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte
1960ish Emily at Rose's hut, Thorness
1960ish WASHBROOKE Emily Charlotte Oakfield Road
1960ish Emily outside her house

10 Oakfield Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
1990ish OATLEY Cecil Edward and Ada Emily
1990ish Ada & Peter
1993 RICHARDS Florence Rose and Maurice John and WASHBROOKE Violet Rose
1993 Rose & John with Vi

Rose & John (left & Centre) with sister-in-law, Vi WASHBROOKE (nee NEWTON).
1995ish RICHARDS Florence Rose and Maurice John
1995ish Rose & John
Harry's RAOB Jewels
1919 RAOB jewel     1919 RAOB jewel
Obv: Royal Antedilvian Order of Buffaloes - RAOB - G[rand] L[odge] oof [England] - Justice Truth Philanthropy - C[ertified]P[rimo]
Rev: Royal Sovereign Lodge 258 Presented to Primo W H Washbrooke - Mar 31 1919
1921 RAOB jewel box     1921 RAOB jewel     1921 RAOB jewel
Rev: This Order of Merit and Honour of Knighthood was conferred upon BRO Wm Hy WASHBROOKE C[ertified] P[rimo] by the members of the Royal Sovereign Lodge 258 as a mark of respect for services in the cause of Buffaloism and their regard for him as a man and bro Oct 24th 1921
1923 RAOB jewel     1923 RAOB jewel
Obv: South East Essex - Justice Truth Philanthropy - G[rand] L[odge] E[ngland] - certifying Council - Presented to Kt W H Washbrooke
Rev: For Services Rendered as Secretary. 1923. - L Simpson & Co - 55 York Rd London


William Henry
Son of
& Elizabeth (nee PRESTON)

Emily Charlotte
(nee BUNDAY)
Daughter of
David Edward BUNDAY
& Harriet Agnes (bee HAYNES)

Dave's F2 & FM "Nan"
Family from 1913

Ada Emily 1914-1992
(Dave's Godmother)
George Henry 1915-1988
(Dave's Dad)
Florence Rose ("Rose") 1917-2004.

William and Emily were married in 1913 at the Register Office, IOW.

William worked as:
- Ship driller at Cowes, IOW 1913-19;
- Labouring at Tilbury 1919-34;
- Shopkeeper at 85 Clarence Road, East Cowes, IOW 1934-49.

William and Emily lived at:-
- "Glen", Newport Road, Cowes, IOW 1913-14;
- Stanley Road, Cowes, IOW 1914-15;
- 7 Mary Street, Cowes, IOW 1915-19;
- Tilbury 1919-34;
- 85 Clarence Road, East Cowes, IOW 1934-49.

William died in 1949 and Emily lived at:-
- 85 Clarence Road, East Cowes IOW 1949-55ish;
- 10 Oakfield Road, East Cowes, IOW 1955ish-1969.