Welcome to Washbrookes' Web

Our previous website proved too much effort to maintain so we decided to revamp it.

The Poetry pages have been expanded to accommodate more of Bet's poems in different categories. Also, Mum's poems are now all online. Bet has started to record her poems and these are being added to the website as they become available. A book of Mum's complete works, "Dears", can be downloaded from her poetry page and Bet's works to date, "Sandhogs", can be downloaded from her poetry page.

The Genealogy pages have been much simplified. There are no longer any photos or documents shown on these pages although some may eventually appear in the new Photo Gallery page. Everything is still available on, however.

The Photo Gallery has been populated with photographs from the 19th century onwards, grouped by family. We've also included a few videos via YouTube. Further space is available, so we're including certificates, census returns etc. until we run out of space.

2013: Isle of Wight ferry from East Cowes to Southampton.

(Photo courtesy of Andy Clark.)