The Football Match

football.gifSing a song of football,

Who will win the game?

One goalie is a big chap,

Don't know his name.

The other one wears yellow gloves;

His hands look like bananas.

“C'mon, ref, let's start the game,

We're waiting for the dramas.”

“Go on, the blues - that winger's fast,

The forward's pushing hard;

That was offside – they're getting rough -

Ref, where's the yellow card?”

Up and down the field they go;

The ball is bouncing, spinning.

The crowd goes wild to see the pace

But neither side is winning.

Half-time comes - the game restarts.

“Why doesn't someone score?”

Then, all at once, the ball goes in,

The home crowd gives a roar.

It's over bar the shouting now,

The Ref's job's nearly done.

The crowd has started singing

And the going home's begun.

Some are disappointed

The match was brill

We got a thrill,

Now let's get home to tea.