I'd like to go back to school again

And talk to the children there,

Telling them how it used to be

- There's so much I could share.

In the dusty days of blackboard and chalk

We weren't allowed to slack.

But would sit very still and upright,

Arms folded behind your back.

Most of the teachers were very strict

- A child should be seen not heard;

And unless they were asked a question

No-one would utter a word.

Our subjects were:-

History, geography, science and art,

Biology, sewing and gym,

Arithmetic problems and mental,

Assemby meant prayers and a hymn.

Literature, English and poetry,

Composition and learning to spell,

Housewifery, cookery, music and singing,

Netball and swimming as well.

Out in the playground at play-time

We'd chatter and dawdle and run

- And always we used our skipping ropes,

Turning them quickly was fun.

I see it all very clearly still,

Although it seems far away.

I's like to go back to school and share

The memories I have today.


* Elementary school (1932 aged 11-14).