Moving silently, no flicker of recognition in your eyes.

Trance-like in your isolation.

I wonder

Why do you slip stealthy in my mother's room

Stealing biscuits, clothes and disturb her peace?


I've smiled so many times without response

And yet, just once, you looked directly at me and said,

‘Tea and Weetabix, please'.


Explaining tea would come soon,

But couldn't help. You smiled.

I said:

‘That's the first I've ever seen you smile,

It's lovely, you should do it more often,


How I long to sit and hold your hand,

Even just ten minutes every week,

To show I care and share a simple space with you.


Yet, if I did, as I am now,

I'd surely sink, become submerged

And slowly drown.


All I can do is pray for you

And all who languish, lost, forgotten

In residential homes

That purport to care.