December Days


December days…the silhouettes of trees, bereft of leaves stand sentinel.

Snug in their woolly coats sheep munch contentedly, oblivious to the cold.

My morning birds wait patiently till I emerge, shivering,

to broadcast seeds.

Down they swoop, the portly pigeons, jostling starlings, nifty sparrows

And, finally, a solitary robin, harbinger of hope.


December days…recalling a distant childhood rhyme,

‘In winter I get up at night

And have to dress by candle light'

I bless the central heating

When I venture from my bed,

Thinking of those bereft of warmth.


December days…memories come crowding in:

The overwhelming grief when my dear Dad died

Between a Christmas and New Year.

Unbridled joy when, against the odds, our son was safely born-

A Christmas blessing beyond words.


December days…the waning of the year.

Time to pause, reflect, review and sift the past.

Then to contemplate that day when,

In a heartbeat, heaven met Earth

And, transcending time,

God shared our humanity.