Frederick John NEWTON
& Rosa Jane (nee MAIL)
 (Dave's MF & M2)
1920 Frederick & Rosa's marriage cert
16th May 1910: Frederick & Rosa's marriage cert, Bristol RO, GLS
1911 Vi's birth cert     1911 Vi's short birth cert
15th Apr 1911: Vi's birth cert & short birth cert, Blackwood, Rock, Bedwellty, MON
1913 Ivy's birth cert
13th Jul 1913: Ivy's birth cert, Crumlin, MON
1914ish NEWTON Violet Rose and and Ivy Joyce
1914ish Violet & Ivy
1915 May's birth cert
19th Aug 1915: May's birth cert, Crumlin, MON
1916ish NEWTON Violet Rose
1916ish Violet
1917 Fred's birth cert
2nd Jul 1917: Fred's birth cert, Crumlin, MON
1918 NEWTON family
1918: L-R: May, Fred, Violet, Ivy, Fred, Rosa
1919 Daisy's birth cert
13th Feb 1919: Daisy's birth cert, Crumlin, MON
1920 Jim's birth cert
14th Dec 1920: Jim's birth cert, Crumlin, MON
1920 Hafodyrynys School
1920 Hafodyrynys School - Violet is middle row, far right
1922 Hafodyrynys School
1922 Hafodyrynys School - Violet is second row from front, third from left, first one sitting on a desk
.1925ish NEWTONS School Pic
1925ish Hafodyrynys School - May is back row 4th from left; Fred is 2nd row from back 4th from left; Jim is 3rd row from back 3rd from left; Daisy is 5th from left
1925ish Hafodyrynys Choir
1925ish Hafodyrynys Choir - Violet is back row, 8th from left; Ivy is 2nd row from back 4th from right
1927ish NEWTON Violet Rose studio portrait     1927ish NEWTON Violet Rose
1927ish Violet - studio portraits
1929ish NEWTON family
1929ish: Back row, L-R: Ivy, Fred, Rosa, Violet - Front Row, L-R: May, Daisy, Jim, Fred
1930ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce and Frederick John and Violet Rose
1930ish Ivy, Fred & Violet
1930ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce and Violet Rose and dogs
1930ish: L-R: Ivy, Violet
1930ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce and Violet Rose
1930ish: L-R: Ivy, Violet
1930ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce on bike
1930ish: Front: Ivy
1930ish NEWTON May Edith
1930ish: May
1930ish NEWTON Violet Rose and May Edith
1930ish: L-R: Violet, May
1930ish NEWTON Rosa Jane and Violet Rose
1930ish Rosa & Violet
1930ish NEWTON Violet Rose
1930ish: Violet
1930ish NEWTON Violet Rose and May Edith with dogs
1930ish: Top-Bottom: Violet, May
1935ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce
1935ish: Ivy
1935ish NEWTON Ivy Joyce and Rosa Jane and Violet Rose
1935ish: L-R: Ivy, Rosa, Violet
1935ish NEWTON May Edith
1935ish: May
1935ish NEWTON Violet Rose
1935ish: Violet
1935 Frederick's death cert
20th Oct 1935: Frederick's death cert, Crumlin, MON
1941ish GORDON Stanley and Ivy Joyce
1941ish: Stan & Ivy GORDON
Violet Rose
here ...
1942ish NEWTON Jmes Thomas William Chindit
1942ish Jim - Chindit
1942 NEWTON Frederick George Maurice and SMITH Joyce Mavis Irene wedding
1942 Fred & Joyce Mavis Irene SMITH wedding
Back row L-R: Daisy, Albert James GRIFFITHS (Daisy's husband), others N/K
Front row L-R: N/K, Violet, N/K, Rosa, Fred, Joyce Mavis Irene NEWTON (nee SMITH , John William SMITH (Joyce's father). Others N/K
1942ish NEWTON Daisy Fredericka
1942ish Daisy
1950ish NEWTON Rosa Jane and SHEPHERD Caroline Louisa
1950ish: L-R: Rosa & her sister Caroline Louisa SHEPHERD (nee MAIL)
1963-12 NEWTON Rosa Jane at Stan and Ivys
1963 Rosa at Stan and Ivy's
1965ish NEWTON Family Group
1965ish: Back row L-R: John GORDON (Ivy's son), Jim, Albert James GRIFFITHS (Daisy's husband)
Middle row L-R: Ivy, Daisy - Front row L-R: Leonard Percival WYBREW (May's husband), May
Front row centre: Violet, Rosa
1967 Rosa's death cert
19th Oct 1967: Rosa's death cert, Newport, MON

The NEWTON Family

Frederick John
Son of
& Jane Elizabeth (nee DOGGETT)

Rosa Jane
(nee MAIL)
Daughter of
James MAIL
& Caroline Friederike (nee MACHTLE)

Dave's MF & M2
Family from 1910

Violet Rose 1911-1995
(Dave's Mum)
Ivy Joyce 1913-1996
May Edith 1915-2000
Frederick George Maurice 1917-1987
Daisy Frederica 1919-1987
James Thomas William 1920-2004

Fred and Rosa were married in 1910 at the Register Office, Bristol.

Fred worked as:-
- Merchant Seaman 1910-11;
- Pit sinker at Crumlin, MON 1911-17;
- Colliery repairer at Crumlin, MON 1917-19;
- Coal hewer at Crumlin, MON 1919- 35.

Fred and Rosa lived:-
- 6 Garfield St, Blalckwood, MON 1910-13;
- 25 Rectory Road, Crumlin, MON 1913-67.