Henry Edward MATES
& Betty Joan (nee JOHNSON)
(Bet's parents)
21st Sep 1946: Harry & Betty's Marriage
1946 Harry & Betty's marriage cert
21st Sep 1946 Harry & Betty's marriage cert, Hackney RO, MDX

1946-09-21 MATES Henry Edward JOHNSON Betty Joan marriage HACKNEY
Back row L-R: Sidney Benjamin GOLDSMITH, Alan Alfred MACDONALD, Ethel DUNDAS-SMITH (friend), Mrs FRANKLIN (friend), Esther Elizabeth MATES (nee GOWARD - Aunt Dot, Alfred James MATES, Florence V GOLDSMITH (nee MOORE).
Middle row L-R:  Doris E A RYDER (nee LAMBDEN), N/K, Olive ?, Patricia Jeanne JOHNSON, Rosanna RYDER (nee BUGG) - Bet's great grandmother, Stanely J GOLDSMITH.
Front row L-R:Jessie May MATES, Harriet Esther BERRY, Harry, Betty, Rose Annie McCALLAM (ex JOHNSON, nee RYDER) - Bet's Nan, James William Arthur RYDER.

1946 MATES Henry Edward and Betty Joan
Harry & Betty


1949ish MATES Betty Anne
1949ish: Bet

1949: Pat & Alan's Marriage
1949 Pat & Alan's Wedding
Pat & Alan's bridesmaids - June & Betty
1949 Pat & Alan's Wedding
L-R: June R RYDER, Ernest Alfred MACDONALD, Alan Alfred MACDONALD, Patricia Jeanne (nee JOHNSON), James William Arthur RYDER, Betty
1949 Pat & Alan's Wedding
Pat & Alan, Betty & June, Ernest Alfred MACDONALD
1949 Pat & Alan's Wedding
Pat & Alan - the Bride & Groom
1950: June & Alf's Marriage
1950 June & Alf's Wedding
L-R: Alan Alfred MACDONALD, Patricia Jeanne MACDONALD (nee JOHNSON), N/K, K/K, Alf's Mum?, Alfred MYERS. June R (nee RYDER), Rose Annie McCALLAM (ex JOHNSON, nee RYDER - Bet's "Nan"), Doris RYDER (nee LAMBDEN), Rosanna Ryder (nee BUGG - Bet's great grandmother), N/K, James William Arthur RYDER, Bet, Betty

1950 MYERS Alfred and June R with MATES Betty Anne
1950 Alfred and June R MYERS with Bet - Wood Green

Family Life
1953ish MATES family
1953ish Harry & Betty with Bet
1954ish MATES Betty Anne feeding pigeons
1954ish Bet - feeding pigeons
1960ish MACALLAM Rose Annie with her daughters
1960ish Annie MACALLAM with her daughters

L-R: Frederick Arthur HAMPTON, Patricia Jeanne MACDONALD (nee JOHNSON), Sally Avril MACDONALD, Betty, Annie MACALLAM (ex JOHNSON, nee RYDER).


1961ish MATES Betty Anne
1961ish Bet

1962ish MATES Henry Edward and Betty Anne with the MACDONALDs
1962ish Harry & Bet with the MACDONALDs - Battersea Park

Front row L-R: Timothy MACDONALD, Robin MACDONALD, Patrica Jeanne MACDONALD (nee JOHNSON), Alan Alfred MACDONALD
1964ish MATES Betty Anne Youth Club
1964ish Bet - Youth Club "Old Time Music Hall"
1965ish MATES Betty Anne in bedroom
1965ish Bet in bedroom
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Harry's Funeral
1984 MATES Henry Edward funeral
1984 Harry's Funeral
Back row L-R: Stanley J GOLDSMITH, George Henry WASHBROOKE, James William Arthur RYDER, Sidney Benjamin GOLDSMITH.
Front row L-R: Pat MACDONALD (nee JOHNSON), Florence V MOORE, Robin MACDONALD, Dave, Bet, Betty.

The MATES Family

Henry Edward ("Harry")
Son of
Charles William MATES
& Amelia Eliza (nee BERRY)

Betty Joan
Daughter of
Charles Gilbert JOHNSON
& Rose Annie RYDER

Bet's parents
Family from 1946

Betty Anne ("Bet") 1948