Georg Adam MACHTLE
& Rosina Friederika (nee VOLK)
(Dave's M3F2 & M3FM)

Letter about Caroline and her family sent by the Church in Guglingen to Helga Pfromm, a family friend of R.G. Mail

Evangelical church, Guglingen 27 April 2006

Dear Frau Pfromm,

Due to shortness of time and the old font I cannot guarantee the spelling, I found the following:


Machtle, = Maechtle, Caroline Friederike, * 23.10.1857 Gug. / Konf. 1871 had a sister who reached the age of confirmation = ? Rosi...d E..f....d * 23.2.1861 / confirmation 1875

Father: Johann Ferdinand * 17.5.1829 + 30.4.1871(had three siblings) married 8.2.1857

Mother: Rosina Wilhelmine nee Schollenberger * 25.6.1829 + 19.2.1871


Grandfather: Georg Adam * 29.7.1796 in Weiler + 26.2.1859 (married to 3 women) married 28.8.1825 with 2nd wife

Grandmother: Rosina Friederica nee Volk * 21.12.1797 + 12.7.1832 (the four older sister pf the first wife Fam.Reg.I.745

All of the above subject to time constraints.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Zaiss, Pastor
Johann Ferdinand (Dave's M3F)
Details in the above letter Johann Ferdinand
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The MACHTLE Family

Georg Adam
Son of
Georg Wilhelm MACHTLE
& Elise Katharine (parentage N/K)
Rosina Friederike
(nee VOLK)
Daughter of
Johann Bernhard VOLK
& Jacobine Friderik SCHMID

Dave's M3F2 & M3FM
Family from 1825

Johann Ferdinand 1829-1871
(Dave's M3F)