Reuben Michael BERRY
& Rachel (nee STERLING)
(Bet's FMF2 & FMFM)
1822 Reuben & Rachel's marriage
8th April 1822: Reuben & Rachel's marriage, St George in the East, MDX
1841 census
1841 census: Rachel, Bethnal Green, MDX
1844 Rachel's GRO death
Oct-Dec 11844: Rachel's GRO death, Bethnal Green, MDX
Reuben Michael (Bet's FMF)
1823 Reuben's baptism
4th May 1823: Reuben Michael's baptism, Spitalfields, MDX
Reuben Michael
here ...
James Edward
1824 James Edward's baptism
29th Aug 1824: James Edward's baptism, Spitalfields, MDX
John William
1825 John William's baptism
11th sep 1825: John William's baptism, Spitalfields, MDX
Rachel Susanna
1827 Rachel Susanna's baptism
1st Jul 1827: Rachel Susannah's baptism, Bethnal Green, MDX - born 2nd Jun 1827
Thomas Charles
1829 Thomas Charles's baptism
11th Jan 1829: Thomas Charles's baptism, Bethnal Green, MDX - born 15th Dec 1828

The BERRY Family

Reuben Michael
Son of
Thomas BERRY
& Susanna (nee BLACKBURN)
Parentage N/K

Bet's FM2F & FMFM
Family from 1822

Reuben Michael 1823-1889
(Bet's FMF)
James Edward 1824-
John William 1826-
Rachel Susanna 1827-1831
Thomas Charles 1828-1830

Reuben and Rachel were married in 1822 at St George in the East, MDX.

Not much is known of Reuben. The couple produced no more chldreen after 1828 and Reuben is not shown on the 1841 census, although Rachel is.

Rachel died in 1844 in Bethnal Green, MDX.